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Swimming & Beaches Marciana Marina

Hotel Tamerici has a fancy pool in the backyard, surrounded by nature, nearby the tennis and football field.

Access to the pool is reserved to guests as are the sunbeds around it. It is a cool and relaxing place that allows you to enjoy some peaceful moments forgetting stress with a funny dive from the trampoline.
The pool is perfect even for children who can have fun safely.

At sunset, around the pool is served the aperitif: another exclusive attention for guests.

The pool of Hotel Tamerici is open everyday, in the summer season, from 9am to 7pm. Pool towels can be requested at the reception.



The coast of Marciana Marina is unique, it is characterized by crystal clear sea rich in marine life and by the presence of the Mount Capanne which trails are perfect for hiking all year long.

During the staying, guests can take advantage of a shuttle service that will guide them to discover the most exclusive beaches of the island where the white sand meet the trasparency of the mediterranean.

The most beautiful beaches near the Hotel Tamerici:

Bagno: lovely beach with medium/large pebbles. Can be reach by foot, on the beach there are also several fishing boats that make it very suggestive.
La Cala: small pebble and gravel bay. Can be reach by foot because it is located immediately after the village of Marciana Marina, very characteristic and with transparent water.
Crocetta:  a bay of modest size and not very busy. The contrast of white pebbles of the beach and the dark rock that surrounds it makes it particularly attractive.
Fenicia: the most famous and beloved beach of Marciana Marina. Long 150 m and at least 20 m wide, with small colored pebbles of various shades, it is perfect for snorkeling.
Le Sprizze: beach of dark pebbles with a beautiful pine forest behind it. The cliff has a perfect plan to tan, the sun is on the beach from morning to early afternoon.
Marciana Marina: the local waterfront of about 150 m long. The beach is composed of colored gravel and sand, is just 10 minutes from the hotel.
Redinoce: small beach with pedestrian access. With pebbles and sand, equipped with bar-restaurant and rentals for umbrellas, chairs and sunbeds.

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