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Acquario dell’Elba
The Aquarium of Elba is considered one of the most complete aquariums in the Mediterranean. Its attested area is about 1000 square meters and is home to 150 marine species. At least a hundred tanks of the most varied shapes and sizes are in use, furnished with natural or recycled materials, which recreate the natural habitat of the local coastline.
Visiting the Aquarium of Elba, adults and children can see fish, molluscs and crustaceans from the Mediterranean up close. In the structure are also hosted some very rare species to spot that amaze even the most experienced divers. All lovers of nature and sea have therefore the opportunity to learn to recognize, appreciate and protect the forms of life that populate the Mediterranean.
The aim of the aquarium is to educate visitors to the need to preserve intact the delicate marine ecosystem that allows these species to survive, live in the Elba coast and in the whole Mediterranean Sea. The commitment of the aquarium in the protection of the sea translates into the recovery and protection of sea turtles victim of accidental capture. Once treated, the specimens are released into the wild.
All species housed in the Aquarium of Elba have been collected in an ethical manner: they come from traditional fishing waste, fish destined to certain death or food consumption.
The aquarium is located in Marina di Campo, about 14 km south of the Hotel Tamerici, and is open every day from April to October.