4 Stars Hotel in Marciana Marina

4 Stars Hotel in Marciana Marina



The Tuscan Archipelago includes seven big islands and three small islands each one with its own identity and original features for flora and fauna. The entire territory is protected inside the eponymous National Park that aims to preserve the unicity of each single island and to maintain the marine environment free from corruption.

The largest and most populated island of the archipelago is Elba, located just a few miles from the promontory of Piombino and linked to it by an hourly ferry service.

Elba is even the most tourist island of the archipelago: it offers many beaches with sand or gravel, a trail network of great extension, mediterranean vegetation, an excellent gastronomy, archeological sites and many possibilities of sport and relax.

The islands of Gorgona, Pianosa, Giglio, Giannutri, Capraia and Montecristo are just as spectacular and have to be visited. But because they are located in a national park in a few islands the public access is controlled by the State. Landing on Pianosa is restricted, and Montecristo can be visited only with a special permit and it’s strictly forbidden entering the water.

For lovers of the sea and diving, at the beach of Pomonte it is possible to visit the real wreck of a ship. Pomonte beach is well served by some free parking and is a lovely pebble

In the splendid Marciana there is one of the most evocative structures on the Island of Elba which undoubtedly deserves an in-depth visit. This is the Pisan Fortress, built in the

The famous chain of Monte Capanne, has as its easternmost peak the Monte Perone of 630 meters above sea level. The mountain has a flat summit that houses a large pine forest. Here

The Roman Villa delle Grotte is a Roman domus located on the small promontory overlooking the Gulf of Portoferraio. Its strategic position allows it to dominate the entire arm of t

This important testimony of Roman civilization is found on the island of Pianosa, part of the Tuscan Archipelago. Agrippa Postumo was the grandson of Emperor Augustus and the story

Elba is known for its wonderful coasts, the crystal clear sea and the many beaches and coves, each unique and particular. The Ghiaie beach is no less than the others: it is located