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Scoprire l'Elba in barca
Discovering Elba by boat allows you to appreciate the many facets of the island and the sea at any time of the day. Moving by boat also allows you to approach those coves and those beaches impossible to reach by land, less popular and untouched.
It is possible to rent a boat at each port of the island at the sailing centers and tourist agencies. However, if you do not have a navigational experience, it is best to rely on a skipper who can carry the boat safely to any destination.
Admitting the island from the sea is the only chance to fully appreciate the beauty of the villages perched on the hills, the vineyards and the coastal fortresses that stand out on top of the highest reliefs. It is a landscape of enormous suggestion that gives unique, unforgettable emotions.
Boating off the coast of Elba can also be the perfect occasion to practice deep-sea fishing. The enthusiasts of this sport, even on vacation, find Marciana Marina the most suitable starting point.
In fact, from the port depart numerous fishing trips by boat lasting several hours. It is an experience only for those lovers of this sport, who do not suffer from seasickness and who know the right techniques for fishing tuna, bream, curls, and tunic.