The Cetacean Sanctuary is a special part of the Mediterranean Sea known for the presence of numerous blue whales, dolphins and sperm whales. Elba Island is located practically at the center of this stretch of sea and is the ideal starting point for boat excursions in search of these marine mammals.
The best days to see them are those with calm sea and high visibility because sometimes it is necessary to wait even several hours before seeing a single fin. The experience is, however, very exciting and every puff or ripple of water makes the tension rise. Typically, the ship moves to the islands of Capraia, Pianosa and Montecristo or towards Corsica.
Patience and positivity are fundamental features for boarding and enjoying the adventure in the middle of the sea.
The most common sightings are those of dolphins, very curious animals that often come close to the ship. It happens that they follow the boat short distance even for long stretches or that they show up in jumps and evolutions out of the water. In the latter case, participants in the excursion are always stunned, amazed and fascinated. Less frequent but possible, however, are the sightings of blue whales and sperm whales, generally sharper and guarding the ships.